Fudge Cake Pops

Okay, so honesty time, how many of you have ever messed up on a box cake?…. it’s OK it happens to the best of us. Over the years from watching my grandma and mom bake in the kitchen, I learned a trick or two. One of them being when life gives you a bad box cake make cake pops! Learning after a failed cake bake I decided to make these Fudge Cake Pops I found on Pinterest and of course they had to have extra chocolate.

When making cake pops it’s super simple and easy to make. You take your box cake (I prefer Betty Crocker) when you get to mixing your ingredients this part is where I change a few things.The instructions calls for 1 cup of water and 1/ 3 cup of butter . Instead of using a 1 cup of water I cut it to 1/3 and I add one cup of butter, if you do this your cake will turn out really moist. You can use this trick with any box cake.

The next part is my favorite, after the cake cools you break it apart and you add your favorite frosting…mines usually chocolate. I really like this recipe not only because it’s simple but it’s fun to make for parties and at parties. There’s so many different variations of cake pops you can makes like Oreo cake pops. When making these you simply crumble the Oreo’s when you crumble the cake and mix in the frosting. you can really do this with any of your favorite treats.

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